Getting Started with Demand Management

Demand Management is the component of Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM) that manages requests from creation to implementation. Each request is processed using a workflow that is represented graphically in the user interface. Demand Management features tools and configurable processes for dealing with these requests. Data is captured by prompting for process-specific information to ensure that the required information is collected and validated at the right time in the process.

Demand Management can follow complex business rules by using different approval methods. Email and pager notifications can be generated as the request passes through the various workflow steps. Prioritization and delegation features allow requests to efficiently advance through the workflows applied to them, routing them to the relevant department, group, or individual.

This document contains the following information:

  • In Demand Management, requests are the means by which actions and processes are initiated and driven. Requests contain all of the information required to take a series of actions that move requests through a workflow. Viewing Requests presents information about the major features of Demand Management requests.

  • You can use Demand Management to submit several different types of requests, from simple software defect requests to project scope change requests. Creating Requests provides details on how to create these.

  • After you create a request, you process and manage it. Processing and Managing Requests provides instructions on how to open and update requests, and how to use reports and portlets to manage them.

  • Micro Focus customers who have both Demand Management and Project Management can integrate Demand Management's request tracking capability with Project Management's deliverable date and actuals tracking capabilities. Integrating Requests and Projects presents information on how to integrate and work with tasks and requests.

  • Demand Management supplies a preconfigured page that demand managers can use to monitor and manage requests. Demand Manager Page provides descriptions of this page and the portlets it displays.