Portfolio financials

Portfolio managers can use the Financials tab of a portfolio to track and manage the portfolio's costs and benefits.

Note: The Financials tab is available only when it is enabled. For details, see Set up portfolio tabs.

Overview of portfolio financials

From a portfolio's Financials tab, you can do the following:

Action Details

View portfolio cost details

View cost line details

Add costs to a portfolio

Add costs to a portfolio

Edit or delete costs

Edit or delete cost lines

View portfolio benefit details

View benefit line details

Add benefits to a portfolio

Add benefits to a portfolio

Edit or delete benefits

Edit or delete benefit lines

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Portfolio financials UI elements

The following table describes the UI elements available in portfolio financials.

UI Element Description

Time range

Use the Time range button to only display the data of a specific time range.

Period type

Specify how time is divided.

To change the period type:

Click the slider and select the preferred period type: year, quarter, or month.

Choose columns

Use the Choose columns button to select the columns you want to display. Drag the columns to change their position.

Time period column width

Click the Column width button, and drag the slider to adjust the width of the time period columns.

Group the data displayed in the tab.

To group the data:

  1. Click the Group button.

  2. In the Group By window, click Add Group Field, and select a field to group by. Select up to three fields to group and sub-group by.

  3. Click OK.

Filter the data displayed in the tab.

To filter the data:

  1. Click to show the filter pane.

  2. Click Add Filter.

  3. Select a field, and define filter condition based on values of that field.

Financials audit trail.

Click the Audit Trail button to view the modifications in the Financials tab.

For details about events recorded in the audit trail, see Which events are recorded in audit trail.

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