Configure a resource's time sheet policy and default approvers

To configure the time sheet policy and approvers for a resource:

  1. If you have not already done so, access the Time Management tab for the resource. See Configure a resource's time sheet policy, default approvers, and delegates.

  2. In the Resource Time Management Settings section, under the Resource will: heading, specify whether this resource will inherit the indicated global time sheet policy or use a particular time sheet policy you select.

  3. Use the Do not send this resource time sheet notifications check box to indicate whether to send time sheet notifications to this resource. Selecting this check box prevents this resource from receiving any time sheet notifications for submitting time sheets or for reworking rejected time sheet lines, regardless of the configuration of the Notifications tab of that resource's time sheet policy (see Configure the Notifications tab).

  4. Complete the two Default Time Approver fields to specify default approvers of this resource's submitted time. The default time approver is the individual resource or resource group who approves time sheet lines for this resource, unless other priorities take precedence as described in Determining Time Approvers. Time approvers must have the Time Mgmt: Approve Time Sheets access grant.

    Note: The parameter MAX_RSC_IN_SG_TMAPPROVERS controls the maximum number of resources allowed in the resource group that serves as time approvers. If the actual resource number exceeds the value of this parameter, the warning message pops up on the Modify Resource page. By default, the value of the parameter is 10,000.

  5. Complete the two Default Billing Approver fields to specify who can freeze and close this resource's time sheets. A default billing approver is an individual resource or a resource group who freezes and closes time sheets after they are approved and who manages billing processes.

  6. Click Save.

    The selected time sheet policy and default approvers for this resource are saved.

If you change which time sheet policy a resource uses, then only new time sheets for that resource are affected.

If you change approvers for a resource, when that resource's unsubmitted time sheet is later saved or submitted, the new approvers are derived for that time sheet (delegate information is not used in determining the approvers at that time).

Analogous to time approvers, if multiple billing approvers (such as a resource group) are specified for a resource, only one of the billing approvers needs to freeze or close the resource's time sheets.