Configuring a resource's delegates

When you temporarily assigns your own duties and responsibilities to another person, that person is your delegate. Typically, people in management positions delegate review and approval authority for their time sheets to others, with specific start and end dates (for example, to cover upcoming vacations).

What a delegate can do

If a delegate has the required licenses and access grants, the delegate can do the following on behalf of you:

  • Create, edit, and submit time sheets

  • Approve and reject submitted time logged

  • Freeze and close time sheets

Both you and your delegates must have Time Management licenses. Your delegates do not inherit Time Management licenses or access grants from you.

For example, charge code access is not transferred to a delegate. To enable delegates to perform their duties, make sure they have the access grants, such as Time Mgmt: Edit Time Sheets or Time Mgmt: Approve Time Sheets, they need to perform the delegated responsibilities.

A manager has implicit delegations, such as the ability to edit the time sheets of direct reports, if the manager has the Time Mgmt: Edit Time Sheets access grant.

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What you can do after specifying your delegate

After a delegate is specified, you can still perform all the same actions as the delegate.

When you search time sheets, in addition to applying any filter criteria you specify, Time Management shows you only the time sheets that meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • You created the time sheet (or someone created it for you).

  • You are the manager of the resource for the time sheet.

  • You are the delegate of the resource for the time sheet.

  • You are a time approver of at least one line of the time sheet.

  • You are the billing approver for the time sheet.

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How to add delegates


By default, you should have the Edit All Resources access grant to add delegates (both for you and for others).

If your PPM administrator set the parameter ENABLE_ADD_DELEGATE-FOR_ONESELF to true, you can add your own delegate without the Edit All Resources access grant.

To add delegates:

  1. If you have not already done so, access the Time Management tab for the resource. See Configure a resource's time sheet policy, default approvers, and delegates.

  2. In the Delegation Information section, click Add Delegate.

  3. Select a user from the list that appears.

    That user's name is added to the list of delegates, with Start Date and End Date fields that default to today's date.

  4. Change the Start Date and End Date fields as necessary.

  5. Repeat step 2 through step 4 as needed.

  6. Click Save.

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