Create a system account for PPM

To install PPM and maintain the system after installation, you must create a system account. After you do, always log on to this account on the server machine to perform any PPM Server maintenance—for example, stopping and restarting the PPM Server. This helps to avoid file system permission issues, which can be difficult to track.

Configuring a System Account for PPM in Windows

In Windows, configure the user to be a member of the Administrators and Domain Users groups, at a minimum. Provide the user with full access to the installation directory for PPM and all of its subdirectories. Provide the Administrators screen group with at least read access to these directories.

Configuring a PPM User for PPM in UNIX

In UNIX, PPM does not require root access for installation. Do not install the server as the root user.

Configure your PPM user with the following:

  • In the .profile file,

    • Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

    • Set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable.

  • Set the term to dumb option.