Prioritize contents within a scenario

Prioritizing the contents within a scenario helps your organization make optimal allocation of the budget and resources.


A prioritized contents list helps your organization to make optimal allocation of budget and resources. The list is structured with the most important content at the top, while less important contents are ranked lower. Prioritizing the contents within a scenario may include the following actions:

  • Moving contents out of the scenario.
  • Assigning ranks to the contents.

What-if provides the Ranking View component for content prioritization. To prioritize content within a scenario, you can use the predefined Strategic Prioritization View layout template, which includes the Ranking View component. Alternatively, you can incorporate the Ranking View component into your customized layout template. For details, see Configure content view types in a template.

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Considerations before prioritizing

Consider the following factors before prioritizing the contents:



The content's strategic theme or business objective

See Strategic planning.

The content's financial metrics, such as forecast cost and forecast benefit

Such financial data provides insight on demand versus capacity, and whether a content is worth investing.

The Strategic Prioritization View provides quick access to the financial metrics in the content list table.

To display the financial metrics you are concerned about:

  1. At the top-right corner of the content ranking table, click Choose columns.
  2. Select the desired columns to display.

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Move contents out of a scenario

A what-if scenario, upon creation, includes the following contents from the corresponding portfolio: the portfolio contents that have specified both start and end dates, and whose time period falls in the scenario time range. If you do not plan to start or continue a portfolio content, move the content out of the scenario. The budget and resources will not be allocated to it.

To move a content out of a scenario:

  1. From the What-if Analysis page, click the scenario to open the details page.

  2. At the top-right of the scenario details page, select Strategic Prioritization View. The scenario contents are listed in the table.

  3. To move a content out of a scenario, from the content table, click the content and drag it below the content list table.

    A new table with grey background appears below the content table. It lists the moved-out contents.

  4. To return content back to a scenario, from the moved-out content table, click the content and drag it back to the content table.

  5. As you move content in or out, the Resource demand and Cost charts automatically update to display the forecast resources and costs of all the contents in the scenario. You can refer to these two charts regularly to help you plan contents more effectively.

  6. To save the changes made to the scenario, click Save.

  7. To discard the changes made to the scenario, click Restore.

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Assign priorities to contents

Contents in the scenario details page are by default listed in the alphabetical order of content names.

To adjust the ranking of a content:

  1. Open a scenario details page, and select a layout template with Ranking View.

  2. In the content table, click the Rank column to make sure the contents are sorted by rank.

  3. Drag and drop the content to the target location in the table. The ranking of the content is updated.

  4. Click Save to save the changes.

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