Get started with Portfolio Management

A portfolio is a collection of investments or solution sets.

In the small-to-midsize enterprise, one portfolio can typically govern the entire technical solution set. In large enterprises, there can be multiple portfolios , one for each line of business. They collectively build up a portfolio hierarchy for the enterprise.

Each portfolio exists to fulfill its contribution towards realizing the overall enterprise strategy.

Where to Start

Go to the Portfolio Management landing page: From the PPM menu, click Open > Portfolio Management.

UI element What it allows you to do
+ Create portfolio

Create a new portfolio.

For details, see Create and configure your portfolio

Create and view scenario comparisons.

For details, see Scenario Comparison.

Analyze a specific portfolio.

For details, see Analyzing the Portfolio.

Create and view business objectives.

For details, see Strategic Themes vs. Business Objectives.

Create and view global strategic themes.

For details, see Define strategic themes.

Create and view shared KPIs.

For details, see Add business goals.

Create and configure portfolio types.

For details, see Portfolio types.

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