Configure portfolio Overview tab

You can configure which portlets are displayed in the portfolio Overview tab and how they are displayed.

Follow the options described in the table below to configure the portfolio Overview tab.

Option Description
Allow portfolio manager to override the following settings

If turned on, portfolio managers can change the overview layout in their portfolio. Otherwise, portfolios will use the default layout inherited from the portfolio type.

Portfolio Overview Layout

(The section name may vary between versions)

Configure the layout of the portfolio Overview tab:

  1. In the Portfolio Overview Layout section, click Configure Layout, and then click Add Portlets.

    For 10.0.2 and earlier versions, in the Set Portfolio Overview Layout section, click Add Portlets.

    The Add Portlets page opens and lists all the portfolio-related portlets (portlets whose category is "Portfolio Overview").

  2. In the Search box, type a keyword to search the portlets that contain the keyword in the name or description.

  3. Select the target portlet, and then click Add.

  4. Edit the preference for a single portlet:

    • To change the position of a portlet, drag and drop it to the desired place on page.

    • For 10.0.3 and later versions, drag the border of the portlet to change the portlet size.

      For 10.0.2 and earlier versions, click in the upper-right corner of the portlet to adjust the portlet width.

    • Click to open the Edit Preferences page to change the portlet title and specify the data that the portlet displays.

  5. To delete a portlet, click the Delete button and then click Yes in the confirmation dialog.