Getting Started with Program Management

A program is a group of related investments managed in a coordinated manner to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually.

PPM Program Management allows you:

  • As a program manager to create and manage a program where related projects, proposals, and assets are grouped and governed.
  • As a PMO to use program types to standardize the management of different types of programs in the organization.

Suggested Workflows

As a PMO

As a program manager

Entity Relationship Diagrams

A program can include projects, proposals, and assets and can also be part of a portfolio. The following diagram illustrates the supported relationships among portfolios, programs, projects, proposals, and assets.

The financial data of program contents are rolled up to the program, and the program financial data is rolled up to the portfolio. To avoid duplicate calculation of financial data, PPM implements some restriction in adding projects, proposals, and assets to a program or portfolio. For details, see Portfolio Management policy.

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