Converting Organization Unit Type

Primary organization units can be converted into matrix organization units and vice versa. The following changes apply when the conversions are made:

  • Primary to Matrix. All of the Resources in the organization unit belong to the "Unspecified" organization unit.

    • If they were set to inherit their region from their organization unit, they inherit the region belonging to the "Unspecified" organization unit.

    • If there was a resource pool associated with the organization unit, it is no longer linked.

  • Matrix to Primary. All of the resources in the organization unit are pulled out of their existing primary organization units and placed in the current one. If they were set to inherit their region from their former primary organization unit, they instead inherit their region from the current organization unit.

When you attempt to make this conversion, Resource Management presents you with a window detailing the impact of the change. You can then confirm the conversion or cancel the attempt.

To convert an organization unit from Primary to Matrix or vice versa:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. Search for the organization unit by selecting Search > Administrative > Org Units from the menu bar.

  3. Click the name of the organization unit you wish to convert.

    The View Organization Unit page opens.

  4. Click Modify Org Unit.

    The Modify Organization Unit page opens.

  5. Click Change next to Change to a Matrix/Primary Organization Unit.

    A window opens, displaying a list of the users whose organization unit or region settings will be altered.

  6. Click Change.