Viewing Resource Load

The Resource Finder allows you to view a breakdown table of selected resource load similar to the table accessed from the Analyze Assignment Load page. This table includes scheduled effort values for all assigned tasks and requests, resource allocations for staffing profiles, and the available capacity for each resource.

Figure 5-8. Resource Finder Resource Load Breakdown table

To access this table:

  1. Click View Resource Load in the Resource Finder window.

    The Resource Load Breakdown page opens. Resources are listed alphabetically, by last name.

    The Resource Load Breakdown table can be filtered to show different data.




    Chooses the data to display in the table.

    Assignment Summary — Shows each resource's assignment total in working hours.

    Assignment Details — Shows the work items that contribute to the resource's assignment totals.


    Select Overallocation to highlight overallocation data in red, Availability to highlight availability data in green, or neither.

    The following table lists the column and row descriptions.




    The scheduled effort of the resource. Scheduled effort is evenly distributed across working days from the scheduled start date to the scheduled finish date. Hours per week may differ based on regional and personal calendars (for example, holidays and personal vacations). Decimal values may not be displayed when viewing this table from the Analyze Assignment Load portlet.


    The actual effort of the resource.

    Total Capacity

    Maximum total amount of effort that can be allocated for the resource.

    Total Assignments

    Total effort provided by the resource.

    Available Capacity

    The remaining capacity of the resource.

    Available Capacity = Total Capacity – Total Assignments

  2. Click Done to return to the Resource Finder.