Controlling Fonts and Colors

Font characteristics, as well as foreground and background colors, are formatted using cascading style sheets (CSS files). Style classes, defined in these CSS files, are used to centralize the definitions of font characteristics (such as family, point size, and color) along with the colors to be used for the background and foreground.

Editing the CSS files allows you to change the fonts and colors to conform to your company's guidelines. You should be familiar with cascading style sheets before making any changes to the CSS files provided with PPM.

Some of the CSS files provided with PPM are language-specific. The file names associated with languages read from right to left (such as Hebrew) end in _rtl.css whereas the file names for languages read from left to right (such as English) may end in _ltr.css or may not have any "directional" notation. For these types of CSS files, it is necessary to change only those CSS files corresponding to the language used on your PPM instance.

Font Usage

In general, the font family used throughout PPM is Arial, Verdana, and sans-serif. The text color is black (#22222 or #000000), white, blue, green, or gray, depending on the background color. The informational text, displayed in the message box, is red or black, depending on the message types. Also, if the text is displayed on a button, the color may change when you hover over or click the button.

Color Usage

Given the variety of visual elements displayed in the standard interface, numerous colors have been defined within the product and its CSS files. Keep in mind that some colors are specific to supporting features like progress bars, health conditions, charts, or outlines.

In an effort to complement most corporate color palettes, neutral colors have been selected for the majority of Web components of the PPM product. However, you may want to adjust some of the more vivid colors and highlights to conform to, or supplement, your company color and branding policies. To assist you in making optional color choices, see Color Names, for information about color names, hexadecimal codes, and where to view color samples.