Modifying Style Sheets

Style sheets that support the PPM Dashboard are included in the dashboard.war directory; Non-Dashboard style sheets are stored in the itg.war directory on the PPM Server. Changes made to these files do not require a restart of the PPM Server to become effective.

To modify style sheets:

  1. Copy the desired style sheet to a "working" location.

    Remember that you should have a backup copy of this file stored in a safe location.

  2. Edit the temporary version of the CSS file as desired.

  3. Copy the updated CSS file to its original location on the PPM Server, overwriting the existing file.

    You should also place a copy of this updated file in a safe location where it does not overwrite the original (or any previously updated) file.

  4. (Optional, although highly recommended) Verify the changes by logging off, and then logging back onto PPM and viewing the page(s) you intended to affect.