Changing the Sign Out Button Borders or Text

If the color of the white ribbon in the banner is changed, the text or the border of the Sign Out button may "disappear" or may not complement your new color choice. Consequently, you may want to change the border colors to better coordinate with your color selection, or to better identify the button.

To change the color of the Sign Out button borders and text:

  1. Copy the <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM_Server_Name>/deploy/
    file to a "working" location,


    <PPM_Home> represents the path where your PPM instance was installed. For example: xyzserver/E$/PPMServer.
    <PPM_Server_Name> represents the name assigned to your PPM Server during installation. For example: xyzProduction. (This corresponds to the KINTANA_SERVER_NAME server.conf parameter value and does not necessarily reflect the host name of the server.)

    Remember that you should have a backup copy of this file stored in a safe location.

  2. Open the temporary file for edit.

  3. Locate and change the color settings used in the following classes:

    • span.signOutBtn1

    • span.signOutBtn1 A

  4. Save and close the file.

  5. Copy the updated file to its original location on the PPM Server, overwriting the existing file.

    You should also place a copy of this updated file in a safe location where it does not overwrite the original (or any previously updated) file.

  6. (Optional, although highly recommended) Verify the changes by logging off, and then logging back onto PPM and viewing the Sign Out button.