Enhancing the Logon Page

You may want to provide site-specific information on the logon page of your PPM instance to help the users in your organization. This could include the following types of information (among many others):

  • Site administration contact information

  • System availability notices

  • Site-specific licensing and usage details

  • Client-specific advice

Figure 3-1. Custom logon page shows a page containing advisory information about client configuration. The page also provides contact details for the instance administrator.

Figure 3-1. Custom logon page

To customize your logon page:

  1. In a "working" location, create a new JSP file that contains the details that you want to display.

    This uniquely named file ultimately resides in the <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM_Server_Name>/deploy/itg.war/web/new/ directory,


    <PPM_Home> represents the path where your PPM instance was installed. For example: xyzserver/E$/PPMServer.
    <PPM_Server_Name> represents the name assigned to your PPM Server during installation. For example: xyzProduction. (This corresponds to the KINTANA_SERVER_NAME server.conf parameter value and does not necessarily reflect the host name of the server.)

    For example, you might create the following file named PPM_Notice.jsp:

    <div class="comments">
    <div><b>Notice:</b> PPM Center uses pop-up windows and will not function properly if pop-up blocker software is in use.</div>
    <div>For assistance with PPM Center accounts, contact PPM_admin@xyz.com.</div>

    You should also place a copy of this updated file in a safe location where it does not overwrite any previously updated version of the file.

  2. Copy the <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM_Server_Name>/deploy/itg.war/web/new/logon.jsp file to the "working" location.

    Remember that you should have a backup copy of this file stored in a safe location.

  3. Edit the temporary version of the logon.jsp file as follows:

    Immediately before the </body> tag, insert text similar to the following, substituting the name of the file you created in step 1 for PPM_Notice.jsp.

    <jsp:include page="PPM_Notice.jsp"/>
  4. Save and close the file.

    Remember that you should also have a backup copy of this modified file stored in a safe location.

  5. Copy the logon.jsp file and the file you created in step 1 to the <PPM_Home>/server/<PPM_Server_Name>/deploy/itg.war/web/new/ directory on your PPM Server.

  6. Run kJSPComplier.sh script.
  7. Stop, then restart the PPM Server.

  8. (Optional, although highly recommended) Verify the changes by logging off, then logging back onto PPM and viewing the results.