Customize your PPM Documentation Library

Caution: This section applies to the old "customizable" documentation library only.

PPM introduced a new framework for the PPM Documentation Library since version 9.20, which does not support customization. However, you can still customize your own documentation library by switching back to the old framework. The customizable documentation library is still placed under the <PPM_Home>/pdf/ directory.

To enable the customized documentation library, you need to modify the menu entry in the menu.xml configuration file. To do so,

  1. Open the <PPM_Home>/conf/menus/menu.xml file.

  2. Locate the menu item LIBRARY_MENU.

  3. Change the URL of the menu item LIBRARY_MENU from /itg/pdf/manual/dochome.htm to /itg/pdf/dochome.htm.

  4. Save the change.

    Now you can customize your documentation library by following the instructions described in the subsequent sections.

Note: If you choose to use the customizable documentation library, the look and feel of the library page would be totally different from the new out-of-the-box documentation library page.