This table stores the API keys that are available in PPM.

Foreign Keys

This table has no foreign keys.

Column Descriptions

Column Name Null? Data Type Description
API_KEY_HASH NOT NULL VARCHAR2(64) The SHA256 hash of the API key that was generated and returned to the user.
DESCRIPTION NULLABLE VARCHAR2(2000) Description of the API key.
NAME NULLABLE VARCHAR2(200) Name of the API key
USER_ID NOT NULL NUMBER ID of the PPM user for whom the API key is valid.
ACCESS_COUNT NOT NULL NUMBER Number of times that the API key was used to authenticate the user.
LAST_ACCESSED_ON NULLABLE DATE Date when the API key was last used.
CREATED_BY NOT NULL NUMBER ID of the PPM user who created the API key.
CREATION_DATE NULLABLE DATE Date of when the API key was created.
EXPIRATION_DATE NULLABLE DATE Expiration date of the API key. No effect if null, but the API key will stop working if a date before the current date is defined.
ENABLED_FLAG NOT NULL VARCHAR(1) Whether the API key is enabled (‘Y’) or not (‘N’ or any other value). A disabled API key cannot be used for authentication.


Index Name Index Type Sequence Column Name




This table uses no sequences.