Create requests from the Quick Edit page

You can create a request of a given request type from the Quick Edit page.

Caution: If your PPM instance supports multiple languages, note that when you create a new request type, its definition language is automatically set to your current session language. For more information, see the Multilingual User Interface Guide.

To create a request from the Quick Edit page:

  1. Log on to PPM.
  2. On the Search menu, click Requests.

  3. In the Search Requests page, provide the search criteria to search for a set of requests of a given type.

    Note: Requests created in this way are of the same request type as the requests you selected. Therefore, when searching for requests, select the request type of which you want to create a new request.

  4. Select the check boxes of the requests of the target request type.

  5. Below the list of requests, click Edit, and then select Quick Edit.

    The Modify Requests page opens.

  6. Click Create.

    The Create New <Request Type> page opens.

  7. In the fields marked with a red asterisk, provide all required information.
  8. Provide any additional information about the request that might be useful.

    For instructions on how to complete the Create New <Request Type> page, see Create requests from the menu bar.

  9. Click Submit.