Open and update requests

If you have the required security permission, you can open and update Demand Management requests. This can involve:

  • Searching requests

  • Opening a request

  • Changing information in request fields

  • Adding notes or references to a request

  • Performing an available action

The following sections address these tasks.

Caution: If your PPM instance supports multiple languages, note that request types can only be modified in the language in which they are defined. If you cannot edit a request type because it was defined in a language different from your current session language, log out of PPM and then log on again, this time selecting the request type's definition language as your session language. For more information, see the Multilingual User Interface Guide.

Starting from version 9.30, when you launch the following pages in the Demand Management module:

  • The Request Details page
  • The Request Look-ahead page
  • The Create Request page

The system sets focus to the first editable text field on the pages automatically. This allows you to work in the editable field directly.

The following field types support the focus functionality:

  • Text Area
  • Text Field
  • Drop Down List
  • Auto Complete List
  • Radio Buttons (Yes / No)

    Note: Pressing spacebar sets the focus to the Yes option automatically.

  • Date Field
  • Web Address (URL)