Add references to requests

You can use the References section on the request detail page to add and view supplementary information related to the request.


You can add the following entities to a request as references:

  • Attachments

  • Packages (new and existing)

  • Other programs

  • Projects

  • Releases

  • Requests (new and existing)

  • Tasks

  • URLs

For some references, such as packages and other requests, you can establish a functional dependency to the original request. For example, you can specify that a request is a predecessor to the package so that the package cannot continue along its workflow until the request is closed. For a list of the references and their possible dependency relationships, see References and relationships.

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Add references to requests

To add references to requests:

  1. Log on to PPM.

  2. Open or create a request.

  3. From the Jump To navigation panel, click References.

  4. From the New Reference list, select the entity type you want to associate with the request and click Add.

  5. Follow the steps described below to search for or create references to add to the request.

  6. Click Save. If this is a new request, click Submit.

    Note: To add the references to the request, you must save the request.

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