Perform quick edits

To perform a quick edit on a set of requests:

  1. Search for a set of requests of the same type that you want to update.

    The Request Search Results page opens and lists your search results.

  2. Select the checkboxes for the requests on which you want to perform a quick update.

  3. Below the list of requests, click Edit, and then select Quick Edit.

    The Modify Requests page opens and lists the requests you selected.

  4. Click the row that displays a request you want to edit.

    The fields you are authorized to edit become enabled.

  5. Make changes to the enabled fields you want to edit.

  6. For each of the remaining requests, repeat step 4 and step 5.

  7. To save your updates and remain in the Modify Requests page, click Save. To save your updates and close the Modify Requests page, click Done.

Note: You can also use quick edit functionality from the Request Browser. For instructions on how to use the Request Browser to search requests, see Use Request Browser to search for requests .

Tip: As you navigate pages in the PPM Dashboard, the pages you have viewed are tracked. You can see links to these pages at the top of the PPM Dashboard. To return to a previous page such as the Search Results page, click the corresponding link at the top of the page.