Quick Edits: Editing Multiple Requests at the Same Time

Demand Management's quick edit feature lets you modify many requests from a single page at the same time. Simply search for requests that you want to edit. From the list of results, select those that you wish to edit, and click Quick Edit. The selected requests are displayed line-by-line in the spreadsheet-style interface on the Modify Requests page. You can edit the enabled fields for each listed request individually, and then save them all simultaneously.

Performing quick edits is convenient if, for example:

  • In searching for unassigned requests, you find 20 new requests that you must handle. Of these requests, you want to assign 15 of them to specific resources immediately, and specify a priority for each.

  • After you locate all new requests of the DEM - Application Bug type, you want to specify the priority and ensure that the correct application is specified for each of these.

The quick edit feature is enabled by default. To disable it, set the server configuration parameter DISABLE_QUICK_EDIT_MASS_UPDATE to true. For more information, see the Demand Management Configuration Guide.

Caution: Do not use PFM - Finish Period by Month validation for non-PFM-Proposal request types. An error occurs when performing Quick Edit or Mass Update on requests of non-PFM-Proposal request types that use PFM - Finish Period by Month validation. This is because the PFM - Finish Period by Month validation requires a field with token KNTA_PLAN_START_DATE for the SQL to be executed, while for most of non-PFM-Proposal request types, there is no such field.