Viewing active workflow steps on the Request Search Results Table

The Request Search Results table displays the active workflow steps of requests in hierarchical order. This information is shown on the Active Workflow Step column (See Figure 4-1).

Figure 4-1. Hierarchical order of active workflow steps in the Request Search Result table

The Active Workflow Step column displays the top layer workflow step first, followed by the lower-level workflow steps.

For example, for request 30190, the value of the Active Workflow Step column is:

Serial_Sub_Sub_WF; PPM - Plan; Create Detailed Project Definition

The order of these three workflow steps shows that PPM - Plan is a second-level workflow step, which is subordinate to the top-level workflow step Serial_Sub_Sub_WF. Similarly, Create Detailed Project Definition is a third-level workflow step, which is subordinate to the second-level workflow step PPM - Plan. Note that the hierarchy of the workflow steps is also illustrated in the Status section of the request detail page (see Resources section).