Import positions into a staffing profile

If you have created positions in a staffing profile and you want to use them in a new or another existing staffing profile, you can import some or all of these positions.

  1. Open the staffing profile in which you want to add positions.

  2. Click in the New UI or Import Positions in the Legacy UI.

    The Import Positions dialog box opens.

  3. Click the Staffing Profile auto-complete list to select the source staffing profile where you want to import positions.

    Note: If you click Import after selecting the source staffing profile, all the positions of the source staffing profile are imported to the current staffing profile.

  4. Click Select Positions.

    The select positions dialog box opens.

  5. Select the positions you want to import to the current staffing profile.
  6. Click OK.

    You are back to the Import Positions dialog box indicating how many positions will be imported.

  7. Click Import.