What's New in PPM 9.55

This section provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in PPM 9.55.

PPM for Mobile updates

The following updates were added to PPM for Mobile.

Mobile Dashboard landing page

PPM for Mobile now has a Dashboard landing page.

By default, the mobile landing page is the same as your PPM desktop landing page. If allowed by your PPM administrator, you can set a different Dashboard page as your mobile landing page.

For details, see Set your own mobile landing page.

Customize which workflow actions are applicable to the mobile web client

As an administrator, you can configure whether requests using a certain workflow will be listed in the mobile web client, and whether a workflow step will be used in the mobile web client.

Mobile users can only act on the workflow steps that is configured to be used in the mobile web client. This improves the usability and efficiency of approving requests.

For details, see Select workflow steps used in mobile and Act on a request.

Add notes for requests

You can add notes for requests to exchange ideas among stakeholders.

For details, see Add notes.

Requests are listed in the descending order of waiting time

The waiting time of a request is the time since its workflow step last changed. The request that has the longest waiting time is now listed on the top.

For details, see Requests available in mobile.

Look-ahead screen to provide more information

If the action you are taking on a request requires you to provide more information, a request "look-ahead" screen pops up to list which information should be filled.

For details, see Search for a request.

New name for the new version of the mobile web client: PPM for Mobile We refer to the new version of the mobile web client as PPM for Mobile. We accordingly rename the Mobile Web Client User Guide as PPM for Mobile User Guide.

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Financial Management enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Financial Management module.

Use new UI when editing financial summary costs

PPM introduced a new UI for the Edit Costs page. The new UI provides better user experiences, such as easy editing, sorting, grouping and filtering data.

For details, see Group, filter, and sort cost in Edit Costs page and Control column display in Edit Costs page.

Lock forecast and actual costs of the past months

PPM allows you to prevent users from editing costs (forecast, actual, or both) of the past months.

This feature only works in the new UI of the Edit Costs page.

For details, see Lock forecast and actual costs of past months.

Able to set default values for proposal and asset financial summary settings

PPM introduced 6 parameters in the Administration Console to respectively control whether or not the financial summary settings for new proposals and assets are checked by default.

The parameters are listed as follows:


For details, see Server parameters.

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Project Management enhancements

The following enhancements were added to the Project Management module.

Improved control and visualization when logging time against closed tasks
  • New project settings options were added for project managers to control what time submitters can do with completed and cancelled tasks.
  • Time sheet pages now have improved visual cues for cancelled and completed tasks.

For details, see Time Management settings and Visual cues for time sheet lines.

Add "Expand to" option in work plan Quick view

You can now use the "Expand to" option in the work plan Quick view to expand or collapse the work plan to a specified level from 2 to 7.

For details, see Level expand/collapse.

Separately show or hide cost health indicator, projected cost widget, and cost tab

You can now use separate options in the Project Settings page > Project Overview Layout policy to independently show or hide the cost health indicator, the projected cost widget, and the Cost tab.

For details, see Project Overview Layout policy.

Select the time range for projected cost widget and project cost portlet

PPM added new options in the project settings for you to decide for which period are costs in the Projected Cost widget and the Project Cost portlet calculated: the project plan period, or the financial summary's entire period.

For details, see Financial Management settings.

Show/hide "Activity is Required" in project settings

As an administrator, you can use the feature toggle: Show "Activity is Required" in TM section of Project Settings to control whether or not to show the Activity is Required option in the Project Settings page.

For details, see Time Management settings.

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The following enhancements were added to the Dashboard module.

A new Dashboard portlet type: HTML+ portlet

You can create "HTML+" portlet type definitions that use HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages to leverage data from Dashboard data sources.

For details, see Create standard portlet definitions.

Use revamped pivot table portlets

PPM introduced a revamped version for pivot table portlets. It is in use when the feature "Use Revamped Pivot Table Portlets" is turned on.

The revamped version optimizes data views and allows more flexibility.

Note: If you export a pivot table portlet to Excel and want to reserve the data group and HTML effect in the Excel file, you can export the list display of the portlet to Excel and recreate the group format and HTML effect in the Excel file.

Easy way to change portlet title

To change the title of a portlet, double-click the portlet title and edit the title.

It is applicable only to portlets in the private Dashboard pages.

List portlets support displaying of Clob data type List portlets now support the return of data exceeding 4, 000 characters for a particular column. PPM passes such data as a clob result and has it correctly displayed as character data to end users.

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Demand Management

The following enhancement was added to the Demand Management module.

Save a request without entering all mandatory fields

After a request is submitted, you can click Save for Later to save a request without having all the mandatory fields filled.

For details, see Saving a Request for Later.

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Program Management enhancements

The following enhancement was added to the Program Management module.

Control whether a program can withdraw more budget from a content than the content's total budget allows

A new option was added in the Program Type Settings page > Financial Management policy to control whether a program can allocate a negative budget amount to a content to reduce the content's total budget to be less than 0.

Budget allocators will be prompted when they are about to withdraw more budget than available.

For details, see Choose budgeting strategy and Allocate budget

Portfolio Management enhancements

The following enhancement was added to the Portfolio Management module.

Portfolio Management landing page and portfolio details page were revamped
  • The Portfolio Management landing page adds a new tab (All Portfolios) to list all portfolios. The All Portfolios page replaces the previous View Portfolio Hierarchy page.

  • Portfolio hierarchy is displayed in all pages of Portfolio Management: the All Portfolios page, the table view of the My Portfolios page, and the left pane of the portfolio details page.

For details, see Portfolio Hierarchy.

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Feature Toggles enhancements

The following enhancement was added to the Feature Toggles area.

New status for feature toggles: Evergreen Candidate

PPM introduced a new status for feature toggles: Evergreen Candidate.

For details, see Use feature toggles to turn on/off features.

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This parameter used to control the availability of the Cost tab in the Project Overview page. It is deprecated starting from this release. Your setting of this parameter will be remembered after the upgrade to 9.55, and project managers can then use the Show Cost Tab option in the Project Settings page to control whether or not to show the tab.

For details, see Project Overview Layout policy.

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