Known issues

This section includes the known issues when working with PPM.

PPM installation

  • Applicable to versions 2023-23.3 only. After running PPM for a certain period of time, you may encounter the "Internal error" issue when trying to open a program, and the program content cannot be displayed properly. This affects all programs.

    Workaround: To resolve this issue, submit a support ticket and ask for a hotfix after installing or upgrading your PPM to 2023 or 23.3.

  • Due to a known issue in Oracle JDK 8, PPM cannot be installed with Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 8u361 (jdk1.8.0_361). We recommend you use JDK 8u351 (jdk1.8.0_351) or earlier updates.
  • Fail to install PPM on the operating systems with the Turkish locale.
  • Applicable to version 23.3 only. If you deploy the Polish language in your instance, the regional calendar for Poland is not available for selection.

    Workaround: You need to create a Polish regional calendar. For details, see Set up a regional calendar.

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  • If you export Analyze Assignment Load portlet data to Excel and select the following two options: display Total Assignment Values for Actual Effort, and include detailed data, the details from packages, programs, and miscellaneous are not exported to Excel, while their actual efforts are included in Actual Total Assignment. PPM plans to fix this issue in a future version.
  • If you click the product icon to go to the Dashboard landing page, and before you export the page to PDF, your landing page has already been changed, the PDF will display the contents of the new landing page instead of the page you want to export.

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Portfolio Management

For a request that contains table components, when the request is included in a portfolio, the Strategy section is blank. If this issue occurs, contact support for a hotfix.

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Project Management

Applicable to version 23.4 only. If you are using the MSP plug-in for the MSP-PPM integration, an error occurs when you try to open a work plan in the Microsoft project.

Workaround: Switch to the Upload & Download work plan file from PPM integration mode.

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Resource Management

When creating a baseline for a staffing profile from the project summary page, if the page is long and you scroll the page to the very bottom to click the Baseline button, the Creating Staffing Profile Baseline dialog box might be displayed beyond the screen. You can move this dialog box to the desired place on screen so that you can create the staffing profile baseline. This issue occurs in the Chrome and Edge browsers.

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