Using the Deployment Management App Codes Tab

Application codes (or app codes) are part of each Deployment Management environment definition. If a site is not licensed for Deployment Management, the App Codes tab is unavailable in Deployment Management.

If a security group contains Deployment Management users, you can limit the application codes available to its members when new package lines are generated. This way, you restrict the applications through which each user can process objects. For example, you could assign software changes for an ERP system to one set of users, and assign access to Front Office application changes to a different set of users.

By default, a new security group gives its members access to all Deployment Management app codes. Use the left- and right-pointing arrows between the two lists on this tab to move app codes to and from the Restricted list. Any app code in the Restricted Deployment Management App Codes list is unavailable for use by the security group members. To completely restrict a user from using a specific app code, exclude that app code from all security groups to which the user belongs.

As you add lines to a package, Deployment Management normally has an app code default of NONE. You can exclude this NONE selection out of the App Code field. The workflow definition includes a checkbox labeled Force App Code Selection.