Using the Charge Code Rules Tab

The Charge Code Rules tab lets you control charge code access for security groups used with Time Management. Specify the charge codes that are to be visible to members of the security group member here. You can restrict charge codes based on category, client, or department.

A charge code that satisfies a value set by a charge code rule is visible to a members of the security group. For example, a charge code rule of the Category type with the value Billable makes charge codes in the Billable category visible security group members. No other categories are displayed.

Note: If a user belongs to a security group that has no restrictions imposed on it, that user has access to all charge codes. We recommend that you enable charge code rules for all security groups.

Table 2-1. Security Group window - Charge Code Rules tab fields

Field Name


Restrict Charge Codes to the following rules

Determines whether to restrict charge codes for this security group. If this is not selected, the security group has access to all charge codes.


The type of charge code rule. You can restrict charge codes based on charge code category, client, or department.


The value of the category, client, or department for the allowed charge code.