Use the script to migrate PPM entities. Type only Y or N for the 23 flags listed.


To import a file, run the command:

sh ./ -username <Username> -password <Password> -action import -filename <'Full_File_Path'> -i18n none -refdata nochange -flags NNNNNNNNNNYYNNNNNNNNNNN

Caution: Make sure that the full file path is enclosed in single quotes.

The following parameters are required for this script:

-username <username>

-action <import, trial>

-filename <filename>

-i18n <none, charset, locale>

  none: Require same language and character set
  charset: Ignore language and character set warnings
  locale: Ignore all warnings
-refdata <nochange, install>
  nochange: Do not change reference data
  install: Install reference data
-flags <flags>
  Flag 1: Replace existing Object Type
  Flag 2: Replace existing Request Type
  Flag 3: Replace existing Request Header Type
  Flag 4: Replace existing Special Command
  Flag 5: Replace existing Validation
  Flag 6: Replace existing Workflow
  Flag 7: Replace existing Report Type
  Flag 8: Replace existing Workplan Template
  Flag 9: Replace existing Workflow Step Sources
  Flag 10: Add missing Environment
  Flag 11: Add missing Security Group
  Flag 12: Add missing Request Status
  Flag 13: Replace existing Overview Page Section
  Flag 14: Replace existing User Data Context
  Flag 15: Replace existing Portlet Definition
  Flag 16: Replace existing Module
  Flag 17: Replace existing Data Source
  Flag 18: Replace existing Project Type
  Flag 19: Replace existing Sub workflow
  Flag 20: Replace existing Program Type
  Flag 21: Replace existing OData Data Source
  Flag 22:

Replace existing Portfolio Type

Note: If you want to replace the existing portfolio type, you should also replace the existing module (set the Flag 16 to Y).

  Flag 23:

Replace existing PPM Integration SDK

The following parameters are optional:

  • -url <URL>

  • -password <Password>

  • -report <Report>

  • - ignorePpmVersionDifference

    If you add this parameter in the command line, when a difference of PPM version is detected, PPM continues to import the entity and records the version difference in the execution log.