Introduction to Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management (APM) enables your organization to assess and prioritize its current application portfolio and determine which applications need to be modernized. Organizations use APM as the first step towards application transformation as they:

  • Document the size of their application portfolio and the applications that support their business processes.

  • Compare and analyze application information such as health, effectiveness, ownership, cost of ownership, business value, and risk.

  • Identify improvement opportunities and modernize their application portfolio by making strategic decisions about the future of each application in the portfolio, including whether the applications should be kept, changed, or retired.

APM is a module of Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM). It adds functionality to the standard PPM interface.

This guide is intended for APM analysts. It describes the tasks typically performed by analysts and provides instructions for performing the tasks—or it refers the reader to the documents that provide the necessary information.

Note: This guide describes the default interface for APM. Customizations made by the APM administrator to meet your organization's business needs and requirements are not documented in this guide.