The Role of the Analyst

As an analyst, your goal is to collect and consolidate data about applications used by your organization and to turn it into information consumable by you and other users. You can conduct surveys, create entities, import and export entity data using the PPM Data Migrator for Microsoft Excel (Data Migrator), create portlet definitions, and analyze applications using application sets, portlets, reports, graphing, and entity groupings. You can also typically perform all the duties of a user.

You can view and edit all sections of entities that you create and entities for which you are the owner. You can also view information in the header, Business Environment, Technical Environment, and Usage & Scale sections of application entities. If you are assigned additional roles or permissions within APM, you are able to perform additional tasks.

If you are designated as a contact for an APM entity, you are able to perform additional tasks such as viewing or editing data in sections of an entity that are not typically available to an APM analyst. Contact roles—such as business owner, technical owner, ITO contact, and SME (subject matter expert)—are assigned in the Contacts section of an application entity. Other contact roles are assigned in the Summary or details sections of many of the entities. The respondent role is assigned when a user is requested to provide additional information for an entity.

Note: You might already be able to view or edit data in an entity if, for example, you created the entity.

For information about the contact roles that can be assigned in an application entity and descriptions of the additional functions they provide, see Contacts. For descriptions of other roles that can be assigned to an analyst in an entity, see Entities and the Application Portfolio Management Administrator's Guide. If you are an application owner or a survey respondent, see the Application Portfolio Management User's Guide for information about responding to surveys and requests for additional information.