Creating New Entities with the Migrate Option

Users whose configuration includes the Sys Admin: Migrate PPM Objects access grant see an additional option in the Select an Action to Perform dialog box—the option to Migrate Records. This option is typically used by an APM administrator who administers multiple PPM instances (for example, a development, test, and production system), and wants to migrate APM entity data from one instance to another without losing original information.

The Created By (token REQ.CREATED_BY) and Created On (token REQ.CREATION_DATE) fields are normally read-only and populated automatically by APM. When the Migrate option is available to you, you are able to provide data for these fields. This option is useful when you want your data to include original information about who created the entity and when it was created.

To create entities that include original data in the Created By and Created On fields:

  1. Prepare a spreadsheet that includes the values you want to appear in the Created By and Created On fields. For instructions for creating a spreadsheet, see Creating an Import Spreadsheet.

    Note: If you do not provide values for these fields, they are populated with the default values.

  2. Access the Select an Action to Perform dialog box following the instructions for creating entities in Connecting to the PPM Server using the Data Migrator Wizard (for Entity-Related Tasks).

  3. Follow the instructions in Creating New Entities to create new entities with the exception that, in step 2, click the Migrate Records icon instead of Create Records.