Viewing the Detail Log and Fixing Logged Errors

If all the entities were not created, updated, or downloaded successfully, see the Detail Log for information about the errors that occurred and suggestions for correcting them.

To view the Detail Log and fix any errors it includes:

  1. On the page that shows the upload summary, click View Log.

    The Detail Log opens. The summary information from the previous page is copied to the top of the log. Messages are identified by the row in the spreadsheet to which they apply. The icons used in the log are described in Table 3-3. Descriptions of icons used in the Detail Log. The background of the selected cell is highlighted in blue.

    Table 3-3. Descriptions of icons used in the Detail Log



    The action failed.

    The entity or validation was created or updated successfully.

    The record was skipped during processing. This is informational only.

    No icon

    The action was not processed. For example, the action was cancelled.

  2. You can save the summary information and log messages to the spreadsheet. Before you do this, review the following notes, and then click Write Log Into Worksheet (last column).

    Note the following before saving the error messages:

    • When you click Write Log Into Worksheet (last column), the log messages are added to the first empty column at the end of the spreadsheet and highlighted in yellow.

    • You must save the spreadsheet containing the log messages if you want to be able to refer to them again. When you close the Detail Log page, the information is no longer available.

    • If the Detail Log page shows that entities that had errors during an earlier import were now processed successfully, any error messages about these entities that you saved previously to the spreadsheet are deleted if you again click Write Log Into Worksheet (last column).

  3. To attempt to fix a listed error, click a cell in the row with the error on the Detail Log page, and then click Fix it.

    Note: The cells you selected in the Detail Log are highlighted in blue.

    The Log Details dialog box opens.

  4. Click a cell in the spreadsheet to display information in the Log Details dialog box about the error or errors the row in which the cell is located contains.

  5. Modify the spreadsheet to fix the error, save the spreadsheet, and click Retry in the Log Details dialog box. If the Retry button is not available, click another cell within the row that you made the change to enable it.

    Note: You must retry the fix to each row individually. For example, if there are errors in four rows, click in the first row in which you fixed an error and click Retry. Repeat for each of the remaining rows that had errors you fixed.

    The Data Migrator attempts to again process the entity data, and one of the following occurs:

    • If the error was fixed, the message in the Log Details dialog box shows the retry was successful. The highlighting in the spreadsheet changes from yellow to green, although the log message in the spreadsheet is still highlighted in yellow and still shows the error.

    • If the error was not fixed, the error description remains in the Log Details dialog box. Do one of the following:

      • Try again to fix the error.

      • Attempt to fix a different error.

      • Go to the next step.

  6. To return to the Detail Log to review the list of outstanding errors, confirm that all errors have been fixed, or exit the Data Migrator wizard, click Cancel on the Log Details page.

    The Detail Log reopens.

  7. Do one or more of the following:

    • Review the list of outstanding errors and continue to attempt to fix them.

    • Click Write Log Into Worksheet (last column) to update the log entries in the spreadsheet.

    • Click Finish to exit the Data Migrator wizard.

  8. Save the spreadsheet if you want to save the changes.