Downloading and Updating Validation Values

When a user is providing information for an entity, many of the fields the user must complete offer a selection of values from which the user must choose. These values are validation values.

The analyst and administrator can use the Data Migrator to download and update the validation values used by APM entities.

Tip: Validations are created by the APM instance administrator.

To download and update validation values, do the following:

  1. Open the Data Migrator wizard and connect to the PPM Server. For instructions, see Connecting to the PPM Server using the Data Migrator Wizard (for Validation-Related Tasks).

  2. Download all the validation values, a selection of validation values, or only the validation values you need to update. For instructions, see Download validation values.

  3. If necessary, use the Data Migrator to update the downloaded validation values. For instructions, see Updating Validation Values.