Conducting Surveys

You can use surveys to collect ratings data about an application from one or more users. Rather than entering arbitrary data, you can send a survey to an application's users and base the application ratings on the survey responses.

Complete the following tasks to collect and enter ratings data for an application:

  1. Generate the survey registration and send invitations to its respondents. For instructions, see Generate a survey.

  2. Monitor the individual survey responses. For instructions, see Monitoring Individual Survey Responses.

  3. View the Survey Results report to evaluate the cumulative survey responses. For instructions, see Viewing the Survey Results Report.

  4. Enter the results of the survey into the application entity. For instructions, see Entering Survey Response Data into the Application Entity.

  5. Identify the applications that require additional information. For instructions, see Identifying the Applications that Require Additional Information.

  6. Send requests when more information is needed. For instructions, see Sending a Request for More Information.