PPM Dashboard and PPM Dashboard pages

You can use PPM Dashboard to view real-time data of your application portfolio.

PPM Dashboard overview

The PPM Dashboard, located on the menu bar, provides real-time data of your application portfolio. By viewing pages on the PPM Dashboard, you can obtain accurate, up-to-the-minute status information about your applications and deliverables. With the PPM Dashboard, teams always know their current status. Managers gain real-time insight into the applications they manage. Executives can view transformation proposals from an IT value perspective at a high level to ensure alignment with the organization's overall strategic direction.

PPM Dashboard pages, accessed from the PPM Dashboard, organize application data. You can devote one PPM Dashboard page to transformation proposal information and another to application-related data. How you organize the data is entirely up to you.

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Types of PPM Dashboard pages

The following PPM Dashboard pages are available with Application Portfolio Management (APM):

  • Shared PPM Dashboard pages. Shared PPM Dashboard pages are preconfigured PPM Dashboard pages provided by APM or configured by APM administrators. They are available to one or many users. You cannot edit a shared PPM Dashboard page or the portlets it contains.

    APM supplies several shared PPM Dashboard pages for analysts: Front Page, Portfolio View, and Applications. These pages contain portlets that provide information that is typically used by an analyst.

    Note: Shared PPM Dashboard pages are also known as predefined PPM Dashboard pages.

  • Private PPM Dashboard pages. You create and configure your private PPM Dashboard pages. You can add configurable portlets to a private page, move the pages up or down in the list of pages, and delete them. You can also configure the information displayed in the portlets that you add to private pages.

The default PPM Dashboard page is the first PPM Dashboard page you see when you log on to APM. For users who have personalized their PPM Dashboard, it is the first private page on the list; for new users, it is the first shared page on the list.

For descriptions of the PPM Dashboard pages and portlets provided for analysts and for descriptions of the configurable portlets that you can add to a private PPM Dashboard page, see PPM Dashboard Pages and Portlets.

If you are also assigned the user role, APM provides you with the shared PPM Dashboard pages for users. For descriptions of the shared PPM Dashboard pages for users, see the Application Portfolio Management User's Guide.

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Personalize and manage the PPM Dashboard and PPM Dashboard pages

You can personalize the PPM Dashboard by adding PPM Dashboard pages with configurable portlets to it. You can configure the order in which the portlets are displayed and the types of information they provide. For instructions of how to create and maintain PPM Dashboard pages, see Create and maintain PPM Dashboard pages and modules. For information about how to personalize the PPM Dashboard, see Personalize PPM Dashboard .

You can navigate between the different PPM Dashboard pages, export PPM Dashboard pages to PDF files, and create a list of frequently visited   PPM Dashboard pages in the My Links list. For instructions, see Use PPM Dashboard and Maintain a My Links list.

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