Usage & Scale

In the Usage & Scale section, enter the usage-based size measurements.

All users can view the data in this section. Users assigned one or more of the following roles can edit the data in this section: Business Owner, Technical Owner, or Respondent (when more information is requested).

Figure A-7. Application Usage & Scale section

Table A-7. Application Usage & Scale fields



End User Type

The class of the user that operates the application.

  • Internal - Employees

  • External - Clients

  • All - Both employees and clients

User Location

The geographical or organizational distribution of users. For example, North America or Marketing.

Total Users

The size of the user community of the application.

Active Users

The average number of active users during standard operation of the application.

Frequency of Execution

How often the application is run or is accessible.

  • Online - Application is online 24x7, and may be accessed at anytime.

  • Asynchronous - Application is run or accessed based on an asynchronous event or activity.

  • On-Demand - Application is run and accessed only when needed.

  • Nightly - Application is run on a nightly basis, generally as a batch process.

  • Weekly - Application is run on a weekly basis.

  • Monthly - Application is run on a monthly basis.

  • Quarterly - Application is run once a quarter.

  • Yearly - Application is run once a year.