Application Set

An application set entity is a user-defined grouping of applications.

When creating, searching for, or editing an application set, enter or update information in the following sections:

  • Summary. The fundamental information about the application set.

  • Scope. The applications in the application set.


In the Summary section, enter the fundamental information about the application set.

Figure A-10. Application set Summary section

Table A-10. Application set Summary fields

Field (*Required)


Set No.

Read-only. A unique numeric identifier of the application set.


Read-only. The status of the application set.

  • New - The application set is being defined but has not been submitted.

  • Active - The application set is active.

  • Change Pending - The application set is being modified.

  • Cancelled - The application set has been cancelled and its information is no longer valid.

*Set Name

A descriptive, distinct, and unambiguous name for the application set.


Information that describes the need and function of the application set.

Created By

Read-only. The full name of the user who created the application set.

Created On

Read-only. The date on which the application set was created.


In the Scope section, enter the applications that are part of the application set.

Figure A-11. Application set Scope section

Table A-11. Application set Scope fields

Field (*Required)



The sequence number of the application.


The name of the application in the application set. This field is required when you add a row to the table.