APM User Types

There are three basic APM user types that can be configured:

  • User. The most basic user of APM. The user may be actively involved in creating and managing applications, responding to surveys or requests for more information, or using portlets to view application data. Or, the user may not be an active user of APM and is set up for informational purposes only, to fulfill a certain role of an application or other entity, such as an Executive Sponsor or ITO Contact. For more information about the APM user, see Application Portfolio Management User's Guide. For more information about the different type of APM user roles, see User Roles.

  • Analyst. The most active user of APM. The analyst collects and sets up basic information about the organization and collects and consolidates data about applications into consumable information. The analyst can create and manage any APM entity, respond to surveys or requests for more information, analyze applications using application sets, portlets, reports, graphing, and groupings, import and export entity data, and define portlets. For more information about the APM analyst, see Application Portfolio Management Analyst's Guide.

  • Administrator. The most advanced user of APM. The administrator has all the abilities of an analyst and user but is typically involved with supporting the analyst to achieve his goals. The administrator installs, sets up, and maintains APM, defines users, customizes fields and validations for entities, and can create customized entities, data sources, workflows, validations, report types, and security groups.

We recommend the following settings when configuring a user of APM. Each user type has a distinct configuration of licenses and security groups to enable specific abilities that the user can perform.

Table 3-1. APM user type setup

User Type

License Type

Security Groups


  • Application Portfolio User

  • APM User


  • Application Portfolio Analyst

  • APM User

  • APM Analyst


  • Configuration

  • User Administration

  • APM User

  • APM Analyst

  • APM Administrator

For a description of the licenses, see Licenses and Security Model Guide and Reference.

For a list of access grants provided by each security group, see Table 3-2. APM security group access grants.

Note: Any user's ability can be affected by the roles assigned to the user and any entity-level or field-level settings assigned to the user.