PPM-Supplied Portlets for the APM Administrator

You can use the PPM-supplied application portfolio portlets to organize and present information and drill down on displayed data to view more detail. You can add PPM-supplied portlets to your PPM Dashboard pages and customize them to suit your information needs. Refer to the online help for more information about each portlet.

The following portlets are provided:

  • Application Health Breakdown

  • Application Portfolio Size

  • Application to Process Coverage

  • Application Value Assessment

  • Entity Listing

  • Entity Type Breakdown

  • List of Applications (Analyst)

  • List of Applications (User)

  • My Applications

  • My Survey Requests

  • My Surveys

  • My Transformation Proposals

  • My Workstreams

  • Rating of Transformation Proposals

  • TCO Summary

  • User List

  • User Role Breakdown

The following portlets are provided exclusively for the APM administrator. For each of these portlets, a screenshot and description of fields are provided. Descriptions of the other portlets are provided in the Application Portfolio Management User Guide and Application Portfolio Management Analyst Guide.

For more information about personalizing and maintaining the portlets, see Creating Portlets and Modules.