Guidelines for Building the Application Portfolio

An application portfolio consists of applications and their relationships to the business objectives and processes used by your organization.

Follow these guidelines to build or contribute to an application portfolio:

  1. Ask the administrator to register the users who are to serve as points of reference for the entities that you create. These users could be business owners, technical owners, IT contacts, budget or benefits managers, subject matter experts, reviewers, respondents, resources, and sponsors of an entity.

  2. Collect information about your applications, and then create application entities and add them to the application portfolio inventory.

    Tip: You can create entities one at a time or you can ask an analyst to import multiple entities (of the same type) at the same time from a MIcrosoft Excel spreadsheet into APM using the PPM Data Migrator for Microsoft Excel (Data Migrator).

    Information that you collect about applications includes system information, names used, versions, and contact information. It should also includes details about the business and technical environments, budget and resources, service and support, usage and scale, and relationships with processes, organizations, and other applications.

  3. To fill gaps in your knowledge about an application, you can use the "Need More Info" workflow step to invite another user to access an application entity and update the information about it.