Creating Application Entities

The first step in building your application portfolio is to create the entities that make up the portfolio. While it is possible to build your portfolio from just applications, designating relationships with other entities, servers, and organization units when your user configuration allows it provides the ability to conduct a more detailed and quantifiable analysis for the application.

Note: Before you create an application entity, you should understand the relationships that the APM analyst has configured for your organization (for example, the business objectives and processes).

You create a new entity from one of the following locations:

  • The Open > Application Portfolio > Create Entities option on the menu bar

  • The Create > Application option on the menu bar (a shortcut for creating an application entity)

  • The References section on an entity detail page

  • The Make a Copy button on an entity detail page

The APM analyst can create entities by importing them into APM using the PPM Data Migrator for Microsoft Excel (Data Migrator). For instructions, see the Application Portfolio Management Analyst's Guide.

When you create an entity, it is automatically assigned a unique number and tracked from start to finish. This ensures completion and accountability for all steps within the entity's workflow.

To create an application entity, see the instructions for creating a request in the Demand Management User Guide.

For descriptions of the fields that could be available for an application entity, see Application Entities of this guide and the online Help available from each section of the entity page.