Monitoring Entities

Use the following APM features to monitor and locate entities that require attention:

  • Searches. If you are monitoring or want to locate a specific entity, you can search for the entity. For information about search, see Search entities and the Demand Management User Guide.

  • Portlets. Portlets provide you with real-time views into your APM–based activities. For example, the My Applications portlet provides a list of applications that you created or own and the My Surveys portlet provides a list of surveys to which you have been asked to respond. You can customize portlets to track and assess the data that is meaningful to you. For more information about portlets, see Portlets and PPM Dashboard Pages and Portlets.

  • Notifications. Some workflow steps are configured to send email notifications upon activation. As an entity proceeds through its workflow steps, email notifications might be sent to notify you of pending actions. The notification might include a link that you can click to open the referenced entity. For more information, see the Demand Management User Guide.