Responding to a Survey

To respond to a survey request:

Tip: If you are not able to complete the survey, you can click Save at any time to save your entries and return to finish the survey later.

  1. Open the survey using one of the methods described in Accessing a Survey Assigned to You.

    Note: To see information about the application to which this survey applies, click View Application Detail in the Summary section of the survey.

  2. Click Expand All to open all of the sections.

  3. Scroll to the Existing Notes section to view any special instructions that you should follow when completing the survey.

  4. In the Questionnaire section, complete the survey by selecting the appropriate response from each of the drop-down lists—or for the fields you were asked to complete, if you were instructed to complete specific fields. For descriptions of the fields in the Questionnaire section, see the online help or Rating.

  5. To provide information about areas needing improvement and additional feedback, type your comments in one or both of the fields in the Comments section.

  6. To add a note to be shared with other users, type it in the Notes to be added on save field.

  7. To view information about the workflow associated with this application, click the links in the Status section.

  8. You can reference a Web-accessible file or another entity. You can also attach a document or file from your local machine to the current entity.

    To add reference material:

    1. Select the reference type from the New Reference drop-down list.

    2. Click Add.

    3. Complete the fields that are displayed.

      For instructions for configuring the References section, see the Demand Management User Guide.

  9. When you (and the proxy, if a proxy is assigned to this survey) have completed the survey, return to the top of the survey and click Survey Completed.

    The completed survey is displayed. The survey is removed from the Surveys Requiring My Input portlet on your PPM Dashboard and on the proxy's PPM Dashboard, if a proxy was assigned.