Sending a Survey to a Another User

If you need assistance completing a survey, you can send the survey to another user—called the proxy. The survey remains in the Surveys Requiring My Input portlet on your PPM Dashboard until it is completed by either you or the proxy.

To assign a proxy:

  1. Open the survey. For instructions, see Accessing a Survey Assigned to You.

  2. Click Send to Proxy.

    The Send to Proxy page opens.

  3. In the Assigned Proxy list, type or select the name of the user to act as your proxy.

  4. In the Notes for Action: Send to Proxy field, type the reason you are sending the survey to the proxy and any special instructions the proxy should follow.

  5. Click Continue Workflow Action.

    The note you entered in the previous step is added to the Existing Notes section, the name of the proxy is added to the Summary section, an email message with a link to the survey is sent to the proxy, and the survey is again displayed.

  6. You can continue to work on the survey or return to the PPM Dashboard to work on other tasks.