PPM Dashboard Pages and Portlets Overview

The shared PPM Dashboard pages and shared and configurable portlets that Application Portfolio Management (APM) provides for APM users are described in the following sections:

Note: The My Applications and My Workstreams portlets are available as both shared and configurable portlets. The version that is displayed on a shared PPM Dashboard page contains different information than the default version you can add to a private PPM Dashboard page.

The PPM Dashboard pages and portlets available to you might be different from the PPM Dashboard pages and portlets described in this appendix. This could be because of your configuration or the roles that you are assigned or because of your organization's implementation of APM. Any PPM Dashboard pages and portlets added by your APM administrator are not documented in this guide.

Note: Because APM is a part of Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM), PPM Dashboard pages and portlets unrelated to APM might also be available to you. This guide addresses only the APM pages and portlets.

For information about managing and using PPM Dashboards and portlets, see Manage PPM Dashboard and portlets and Use portlets.