Introduction to APM Roadmap

APM for PPM 9.22 introduced a new entity type Roadmap which defines the lifecycle statuses (roadmap phases) and milestones. You can create a roadmap for any other existing request. In APM for PPM 9.31, the use of roadmap is so enhanced that you can create and visualize Roadmaps in different levels.

To understand the enhanced use of roadmaps, you should first understand the following terms used in this document:

  • Roadmap/Roadmap Entity

    A roadmap or roadmap entity is a roadmap for an individual application/service, or a group of applications/services, including lifecycle statuses (roadmap phases) and milestones. You can create a roadmap entity for any other existing request.

  • Roadmap Type

    The request types able to have roadmaps attached in the requests are roadmap types. Portfolio is a default roadmap type. Customized roadmap types can be created by the APM administrator to meet your organization's business requirements. For example, you can set the request type APM - Application as the roadmap type.

  • Roadmap Hierarchy/Roadmap Chart

    Roadmap hierarchy or roadmap chart is a tree-structured chart that can be expanded or collapsed to either present a single roadmap or roadmap hierarchy which includes the parent roadmap with child roadmaps underlying.

To create and visualize roadmaps at different levels means:

  • In the request level

    • As an APM administrator, you can set a request type as the roadmap type. Requests of the roadmap type have a new section Roadmap added on the request detail page.
    • In the request detail page, you can enter child entities information in the table component field your administrator created.

    • The system fetches the child entities information from the table component field to generate the roadmap hierarchy in the Roadmap section.
  • In the portfolio level

    • The portfolio manager can add assets in the Proposals/Projects/Assets tab of the Portfolio page.
    • The system fetches the assets of the roadmap type from the Proposals/Projects/Assets tab to generate a roadmap hierarchy in the Roadmap tab.
  • In the portlet level

    An OOTB portlet Roadmap is introduced to the Application Portfolio category. With this portlet available, you can view the roadmap hierarchy on the Dashboard page.