Using Filters in Roadmap Hierarchy

The filters available to be used for searching roadmaps depend on the columns available in the roadmap hierarchy.

To use filters in the roadmap hierarchy to search roadmaps:

  1. Open the entity detail page if you want to do this in the request level, or open the portfolio page if you want to do this in the portfolio level.
  2. Go to the Roadmap section on the request detail page, or the Roadmap tab on the portfolio page.
  3. Click (or if you are in the Roadmap tab of the portfolio page).

    The filters dialog box opens. The following is an example.

  4. Provide the filter criteria.


    • If your administrator does not add customized columns in the roadmap hierarchy, only the filter Entity Name is available for use. The Entity Name filter does not allow multiple values.
    • You can use several filters at the same time.
  5. Click Search to apply the filter criteria, click Clear All to wipe out the filter criteria, or click Cancel to close the filters dialog box.

    The entities along with their roadmaps are displayed. The filter criteria applied are listed in the toolbar section.