Introduction to Demand Management

Demand Management is the Project and Portfolio Management Center (PPM) product that automates your business processes. At the core of this functionality are a flexible form builder and an integrated workflow engine that let you digitize both simple and complex processes. Demand Management works by capturing requests and processing them based on the processes and business rules created for each type of request.

The process behind each request is modeled, automated, enforced, and measured on your best-practice business processes. In addition, a detailed audit trail helps you pinpoint problems quickly and supports regulatory compliance requirements, such as segregation of duties (SOD), at both the role level and the process step level.

Users complete a request form using a standard Web browser. Each type of request has its own configurable form and an associated workflow that determines what data must be captured and what process applied for reviewing, evaluating, prioritizing, scheduling, and resolving the request. Based on the workflow, the reviewer can assign the request to a person or team for scheduling and delivery.

Notifications defined as part of the process can be activated at any step in the process to indicate work is to be done, has not been done, is being escalated, and so on. Demand Management includes the Web-based PPM Dashboard, which delivers the right information to anyone with a browser.

This document provides the details on how to configure a Demand Management system using the PPM Workbench, and includes the information you need to ensure that your requests follow your digitized business processes. This section presents an overview of how you can configure Demand Management to support your business processes.