Defining Notification Templates

Notification templates are preconfigured email forms that you can use to quickly construct the body of an email message. You can use these notification templates with Demand Management entities such as workflows and requests.

As you configure a workflow, you can select a notification template to use for each workflow step. Demand Management comes with a set of standard notification templates. You can use these templates as they are, customize them, or create new notification templates tailored to your business process. For detailed information on how to configure notification templates, see Configure notification templates.

Notification Template Checklist

Use the checklist in Table 2-8. Notification template checklist to help define your notification templates.

Table 2-8. Notification template checklist


Notification Template Issue

Configuration Consideration


Is the notification template enabled?

Disabled notification templates are unusable.


Notification template and security group considerations.

Set ownership groups for these entities. Only ownership group members (determined by associating security groups) can edit the entities.